Thursday, August 30, 2012

Open House...Check!

All right the race to begin the year is almost complete!

Today was our Open House so I got to meet all of new students (or re-meet, as was the case for many of them). My 6th grade class this year is a class of 14 GIRLS, NO BOYS, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? And no, it is not an all girls school, it just happened to work out that way! Which made it really fun for decorating the classroom this year because I totally turned it into like a girl's clubhouse :). The girls all seem just great. Two of them are the daughters of teachers at my school, and two of them are the older sisters of two of my 2nd grade students from last year so that's kind of fun!!

I promise that pictures of the completed classroom are coming, but believe it or not, even though Open House is over the room is not completely done yet. Not for lack of trying, believe me! I ordered a few VistaPrint items (as I talked about earlier) and unfortunately they just didn't arrive in time :(.Of course, irony of all ironies, there was a VistaPrint shipment waiting for me when I arrived home today AFTER the Open House. I'm super excited about it and even though we have a 4 day weekend now before classes begin, I think I'm going to go in tomorrow to finish everything up quick! I'll give you a peek at the items I made on VistaPrint:

So the one on the right is the poster I talked about in my last post about Monday Made It. The poster on the left is going to be used in the classroom economy I am setting up this year. Not sure how well you can see it in this picture, but it says "Bank of Hoxmeier Payroll". I got this idea from Stephanie at Teaching in Room 6. I have some little pockets I am going to put on it to use for the classroom jobs in the economy.

The left notepad is says "We missed you while you were gone. Here's what YOU missed". The top business card says "Bank of Hoxmeier Deposit Slip". Also for the classroom economy, and I have to give credit to Stephanie for this, too! Definitely check out her blog :). The bottom business card says "Thanks for making a "paws"itive impact" and I plan on using them to right quick good news tidbits to parents about things that happen during the school days. I'm going to staple them in the student planner when a student receives one on the day it was received!

Such simple little creations, but so fun! Do you have any favorite ways to use VistaPrint in the classroom?

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