My Classroom

I am super excited to reveal the finished product of my 6th grade classroom that I have been working on diligently! In my third year of teaching, I think I will finally be rid of everything that doesn't serve a purpose and have a classroom with a black a bright color theme for a cleaner matchy-matchy look! Check back soon for pictures of my 2012-2013 classroom

Here are some pictures of my first classroom, 3rd grade during the 2010-2011 school year:
Admittedly a first year teacher's classroom, for sure... it was little too busy and mixed up arrangement of  materials given to me by teacher friends of my mother who retired.

I did like my idea for the vocabulary vine and matching book boxes sitting along there for the Daily 5... You could see that bits and pieces of my organizational self starting to come through with the things I bought myself.

Nothing too exciting....

I did like my second classroom a little bit better, but I still felt like I had far too many pre-made teacher store posters that didn't serve a real purpose...2nd grade classroom during the 2011-2012 school year:

View from the door...

My desk, book boxes, text books, math manipulatives, my teacher books, birthday chart

View from my desk

Reading nook, library, and CAFE board

Reading nook, CAFE board, safari friends

Calendar area

View of the front of the room

Gathering Space

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