Saturday, September 1, 2012

You know that school is in session when...

... when my living room floor looks like this:

Yes, I pretty much spent my whole day cutting out things I laminated. Such is the life of a teacher, huh?  Here's the finished product of everything I cut out:

So much fun, right? I'm so super excited about my theme/color choice for my 6th graders this year! I'll give a sneak peak of what some of these things are starting to look like in my classroom. This is a sampling of open house night:
I had there workbooks sitting out on their desks and ready for them when they arrived at open house.

I also had a couple forms for them to fill out: safety patrols, permission to be featured on our classroom website, and "help me get to know your child" survey for the parents. I also had a fun little ice breaker activity for the kids ready to take home and prepare for the first day (It's in the Bag activity courtesy of Clutter Free Classroom). Then, I gave each girl a flower that matches the flower kissing balls we have hanging in our room and attached a free pass for a night of no homework. That was a big hit with all the girls at the open house!!

Then I labeled and color coded these baskets (which made me really haha) with a place to turn in each of the forms. 

.... This week is Open House Week on TBA (Teaching Blog Addict), so I'm linking up with them to share! Go check it out... 

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