Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dear Teacher Who Keeps Forgetting to Breathe,

After these first few weeks in 6th grade, I was kind of forgetting to do that sometimes.


In preparation for the move from 2nd to 6th grade, I spent my whole summer, day after day, week after week, organizing my classroom, studying up on the curriculum, and trying to become super teacher to fill the shoes of the woman who spent more than two decades in the position I was taking over. I was so prepared. I was over prepared. No one had ever been this prepared, I was sure. I was quite pleased with myself.

Eek. That was mistake number one.

Do you know Phillip Phillips? I am kind of an American Idol Fanatic :).

Call it weird if you want, but I have always had this intense connection with music. I keep hearing the line from this song in my head, "Troubles they might drag you down, but when you're lost you can always be found. Know you're not alone, I'm going to make this place your home"....

I was confident teaching 2nd grade. I was good at it and I LOVED it. Each day, I start to love 6th grade just a little bit more, but every time one of my little ones from last year comes to give me a hug, my heart melts a little and I just miss them so much! One day at a time, I sure hope I can make 6th grade my home :).


  1. Megan,
    I know exactly what you are going through..I taught the little ones for 16 years..then I got married..the commute to school was zoo long when my girls were wee i got a job at a Middle School teaching 8th graders at the time. You go through a roller coaster of emotions..will I be effective? Can i still do the "fun" things? etc... Well 14 years later..I am still plugging away..i can honestly say that I do enjoy I still wish I was with the little times..but I guarantee you,you will feel like you are making a difference..and to those parents..simply say..I will have to get back to you. They will try to rattle you..but you need to stand firm..never let them see you sweat.:)
    Hoping and praying your days ahead will get better. You are making a difference..and remember slow and steady wins the race.

  2. It will get better. It is so hard transitioning from elementary to middle school-I know. As the year goes on, your kids and parents will be so thankful to have you. Having an elementary background makes a HUGE difference in middle school-and it gives you an edge whether you are aware of it or not. :)

  3. I am feeling the EXACT thing you are feeling. I taught k for 4 years and was moved to 5th because my old building closed and the whole district was changed. I felt so confident in kindergarten. I feel like I ma back to being a 1st-year teacher in 5th. I've cried a lot to my husband also. I have not had my open house yet to meet the parents, but I had a 4th grade teacher criticize my hall display that final copies should always be in cursive. Love the song also by Philip Phillips. What can we do though to get rid of this feeling? I want to know!

  4. You're my hero Megan and deserve a break! Never forget how amazing you are as a friend, wife, and teacher!!

  5. Megan,
    Hope you are hanging in there. It can be so tricky to make a change-especially just a big one from a primary grade to an interemediate grade. I experienced something similar when my district elementary school was closed and we were all of a sudden shipped to another school to "blend right in." Not so much. It was tricky and I remember standing at the parent open house feeling just like you. I can promise that each day will be a little easier and parents will quickly see what a superstar you are and how grateful they should be for you being the one to educate their child at this essential grade level. Keep doing what you are doing, stay positive and enthusiastic, and this will pass. My thoughts are with you! Ane hooray that it is almost Friday!

    Take care!

  6. My expectations for this school year were up in the clouds.