Tuesday, August 21, 2012

About Time...For Must Have Monday?

It's Teacher Week!

Even though it's a day late (totally meant to get to this post yesterday, but I spent the day working on my classroom and then hosted a jewelry party last night so the day escaped me!), I am so very excited to be linking up with Blog Hoppin for Must Have Monday (on Tuesday)!
Last year during Teacher Week, I wasn't blogging yet (only blog stalking :) ha) so I didn't get to participate, but I sure enjoyed reading everyone else's posts...So let's get to the point, here are my top five must have teacher items:

1. Lots and lots of Sharpie markers. I use them every day for anchor charts, planning, projects, you name it... and having them in a bajillion colors is the best part because you can use them when color coding things.

2. My camera. Again, I use this every day in my classroom and not just to take pictures but videos, too. It's so great to be able to playback things that the kids do for them to see! 
3. Super Sticky Post-It notes. Enough said.
4. A super awesome Teacher Planner. I always feel like this contains my whole life each school year, which is almost true because I would be lost without it! I prefer to put my own together in the form of a binder rather than buying one from a store so that I can customize it to my needs. In addition to having my daily plans, I include forms for long range plans, monthly calendars, all of the standards so they are easy to reference, short "important information" pages for each student along with a section to record parent contact, pages for notes at staff meetings, and pages to store those super sticky post-it notes with my to-do list items. Phew. Is it any wonder that I almost hyperventilate when I don't know where it is?
5. Last but definitely NOT least, my caffeine in the forms of Caribou and Diet Mountain Dew. Yes, I might drink far too much of it, but I figure there are far worse vices :). 


  1. Great must haves Megan! We teachers think so much alike it's freaky. Our plan books are very important. I use to buy them until I realized that I needed so much more.

  2. Your Must Haves are a true must! You are reminding me that I truly need to remember to use my camera more. Thanks for the reminder. :)

    Have a great school year....when you have a chance hop over to Teise's Tidbits.